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Funding & help for groups


and projects

The following is a list of organisations that fund and assist non-profit work in New Zealand. Look for those that match your organisation as this may increase your chances of success i.e if you are a ‘green’ project there are specific environmental grants available.



Information for groups and clubs wanting advice on Policy & Procedures, Contracts, Exit Interviews, Governance etc  (via






BONUS: This site has a directory where you input what your need is and it finds what's appropriate! 






This is a new fund aimed at making communities more 'food secure' Post-Covid-19. $32M nationwide. Creative Communities/Central Lakes trust/CLASS/OCT/NZ Community Trust/


The Mazda Foundation / Pub Charity/ Arts Grant / Wanaka Arts Charitable Trust)) NOTE: There is more detailed information on each of these below. NOTE: there is a cost to use this site so log into your local library website and search via them as libraries hold a subscription and you can search the appropriate places to apply. (COGS) 

Lottery Grants Board: 

Next Foundation: 

Len Reynolds Trust: 

Wayne Francis Charitable Trust: 

DV Bryant Trust Board: 

Public Trust: – 

Todd Foundation: 

JR McKenzie Trust: 

Hugh Green Foundation: 

Working Together More Fund:

Sport New Zealand:

Lend a hand with Trust power and rotary 

Transpower Community Care Fund ( $5000- $50000 Maori and Community environmental benefits) 

Perpetual Guardian (various amounts $ up to $100,000) 

Sargood Bequest ( less than $5000) 

Lions Foundation 


WWF NZ Community Conservation ( max $15000) 

Community Environment Fund (Ministry of Environment) ( good amounts)



1. Project - not $ limit ( Some like Colletts Corner have been $500000) 

2. Equity - companies invest and offer shares 

3. Lending - a loan 

What you need to in numbers - CROWD 

2. Transparent information - COMMUNICATION 3. Great team - TEAM 



This supports and encourages local communities to create and present diverse opportunities for accessing and participating in arts activities. 

Under the scheme, 'the arts' are broadly defined as 'all forms of creative and interpretative expression'. This includes opportunities for creative participation in performance, music, visual arts, digital art, applied arts, arts education, literary workshops, digital storytelling, and many other activities. 

To find out more about applying for funding and application deadlines for Creative Communities in Central Otago contact Judith Whyte (Central Otago District Council). 

DDI 03 4400618 

Fax 03 4400606 



Central Lakes Trust (CLT) is a charitable trust supporting our community, by granting funds for charitable purposes throughout the Central Lakes District. Annually, approximately $6 - 9 million is granted to community organisations throughout the Trust's funding region, which spans most of Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes. 

To find our more about CLT click HERE 

To find out what CLT generally fund click HERE 

To find out what CLT generally don't fund click HERE 

Contact details: 

Office Administrator 

Central Lakes Trust 

Phone: 0800 00 11 37 




PO Box 138 

Cromwell 9342 

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