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IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU -Newly-Released Cromwell Community Plan

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The Cromwell Community Plan is an important document created independently by the community to help our voices be heard in future decision-making. You, the people of Cromwell & Districts, contributed your ideas through surveys as well as written and verbal feedback.

We reckon you've hit it right on the head about what this area values and needs(for example- yes, our primary industries should be more celebrated!).

This document is something we can wave in the air if we feel decisions are being made which contradict what is set out here for Cromwell's future.

The Cromwell & Districts Community Trust have led this project with input from Connect Cromwell and the Central Otago District Council. Thank-you to everyone who helped.

Scroll through it below or you can download the plan from the link below as a PDF document.

Cromwell Community Plan FINAL
Download PDF • 9.42MB

0_Cromwell Community Plan FINAL
Download PDF • 2.51MB

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