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Community Board News- Bike Park Seek Board's Help

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

This article covering the November 2020 meeting of the Cromwell Community Board was compiled as part of Connect Cromwell's Public Interest Journalism Project. With media outlets under pressure, budgets no longer stretch to covering these types of local meetings. Connect want people to be empowered by being informed about their community, knowing who the board are and what they do. If you have some feedback on this please do drop us a line Email:

Cromwell’s bike park(above) is attracting families, visitors and an expanding range of users but no new volunteers.

Park president Pierre Leyser told the Cromwell Community Board at its monthly meeting last week, that the group had started out eight years ago with 12 committee members and was down to six. Help was much needed particularly with upgrading projects now underway. Plans had been made to asphalt berms to bring the facility up to standard and he hoped the board would consider contributing to the cost.

Speaking during a public forum, he said a request for $25,000 was likely to be made. Sponsorship and other funding avenues were being pursued but a shortfall was expected. The track was in the minority nationally in having a dirt track and this especially disadvantaged riders preparing for competition.

“The park is getting lots of use, kids learning the skills, learning road rules and it’s an outing to get out of the house. It’s getting very wide use but not having asphalt is huge for the kids, most other tracks have it now.”

The work proposed would also future proof the park, he said, and remove the track maintenance required at present.

Community Board Briefs

· Sarah Brown has been appointed as Cromwell Community Board representative on the Central Otago Sports Turf Trust Board.

· Considerations around the sale or development of land at Gair Avenue are ongoing but would remain confidential due to commercial sensitivity.

· In approving an easement to allow underground piping over Sugarloaf Scenic Reserve, council noted they would be keeping an eye on the works in what was a sensitive area. Swann Road Farm Ltd would utilise the water, via a bore, as an alternative to permitted creek supply that was already under pressure, the meeting heard.

The Cromwell Community Board, clockwise from top left, are Tony Buchanan, Werner Murray(deputy Chairperson), Nigel McKinlay, Cheryl Laws, Neil Gillespie, Robin Dicey and Anna Harrison(centre, chairperson).

Board Reject Self-naming of new Tarras Road

A new public road being created as part of a Tarras cherry development will be named to reflect the history of the area rather than the company undertaking the work.

At a meeting of the Cromwell Community board on Monday, the owner of Cherri Global Ltd, Phil Alison, requested the new road be named Global Rise or Global Heights. Mr Alison told the meeting Central Otago was part of the global community and promoted its ‘World of Difference’ branding and cherry industry at that level. He said there was no onus on the Board to use historical names.

Board member Neil Gillespie said the name Matilda Rise, suggested by Central Otago District Council, was relevant to area. Both Nigel McKinlay and Cheryl Laws felt the word ‘Global’ could cause confusion, being the same name as the company.

In earlier reports Mr Alison had suggested the road, which runs off Thomson Gorge Road linking to Bendigo Loop Road, be named Alison Road, Phil’s Way or Cherri Lane. The new road was named Matilda Rise in reference to the Matilda stamping battery used in early goldmining activity.

Update for Bannockburn Reserve

A new management plan, partly to manage growth, will be formulated for Bannockburn’s only Recreational Reserve, by the volunteer committee who look after it, CODC staff and Cromwell Community Board members.

The lease agreement for the reserve and nearby Bowling Club expired in June and would be updated to reflect changing needs. The reserve was used by campers over summer, committee member Michelle O’Connor told the meeting, and concerns had been raised that if growth continued at pace traffic levels could “cause chaos”.

“It’s not what the town wants and we have said this already,” she said.

Board member Nigel McKinlay requested a date be set for completion of the plan and more clarity given on opportunities for community groups to utilise funds and facilities available. He believed the camping area may come under pressure due to Cromwell’s camp-ground giving way to housing development.

· Cromwell Golf Club was allocated $10,000 toward the purchase of a new mower to replace aging equipment. The course is part-owned by the CODC who hold a Cromwell Golf Club fund for such expenses.

· New signage will be considered to help people locate public toilets adjoining Cromwell Swim Centre. Board member Robin Dicey reported fielding requests from the public for toilets at Anderson Park. The Swim Centre public toilets were open from 5.45am until 7.30pm daily but some felt many people were not aware of this.

· Transpower, who own the national grid, advised the board during public forum that they are undertaking a major line upgrade in Central Otago and Waitaki areas until May next year. Seven or eight houses had been rented in Cromwell to accommodate staff, according to project manager Roy Noble.

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