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CODC Master plan

Why have a Masterplan?

With fast growth come challenges and often piecemeal development. The Cromwell `Eye to the Future' Masterplan programme aims to address this by creating an integrated planning approach to Cromwell's future development and a strategic vision to guide growth and investment decisions.

In September 2017, the Cromwell Community Board took part in an investment logic mapping (ILM) workshop. This identified some of Cromwell's challenges, including:

  • The lack of attraction of visitors and locals to the town centre.

  • The town's form and function.

  • The location and performance of community and civic facilities, including the Cromwell Memorial Hall.

  • The town's infrastructure requirements including 3 Waters and transport.

  • The coordination of retail, commercial and civic operations and developments.

  • The connection between the natural and built environment.

In March 2018, the Cromwell Community Board unanimously agreed to develop a masterplan to address Cromwell's future growth pressures and to shape the form and function of development over the next 30 years.

The Masterplan programme will set a clear direction for future growth in Cromwell. It will focus on: growing the town in a balanced manner, improving the form and function of the town centre(s) and future-proofing civic facilities and infrastructure.

How does the Masterplan process work?

Four core projects are being explored:

  • A spatial framework to guide the District Plan zoning, sequencing of development, and strategic planning of infrastructure and projects in the town.

  • The purpose, form and function of Cromwell's Town Centre and the Cromwell Heritage Precinct.

  • Civic facilities.

  • Cromwell Memorial Hall.

Using a Better Business Case structure, business cases developed from these core projects will feed into a spatial framework to craft an overall Masterplan programme business case. This spatial framework will link the Masterplan's strategic vision with the design and implementation of specific projects. It will visually illustrate the intended future location of key assets, the mix of land uses and critical transport and infrastructure links, as well as identifying relevant environmental constraints.

Initial workshops with key business and community representatives were held in May. The early themes that emerged are:

  • Attracting people to places where they congregate, celebrate, generate vibrancy and make us proud.

  • Accommodating growth while protecting our heritage/landscape values and enhancing our sense of belonging.

  • Housing choices that address affordability and support a resilient, diverse and productive community.

  • We identify and harness opportunities for economic development as our town and population grow.​


Why choose this structure to produce a Masterplan?

A Better Business Case (BBC) framework means the Masterplan programme has the capability for both robust option analysis and strong justification of all projects.  The BBC framework is endorsed by New Zealand Treasury and aligns with government funding schemes such as the provincial growth fund and the tourism infrastructure fund, which Council may apply for in the future.

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