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Cromwell Locals' Garden

Welcome to the Cromwell Local's Garden Page
Scroll down to find places to swap, share, and find free food. If you have a listing to add let us know...

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The Cromwell Caremongering Facebook page was started by Nicola Brockie when Cromwell was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. It quickly gained a large following of people wanting to help others, donating goods, sharing positive stories and volunteering services. If you have produce to giveway please post it on this on the image at left. Thank-you!

Take what you need and leave what you can. Bring your surplus garden produce or donate some tins, or any other non-perishables. Everyone is welcome to use Cromwell's community pantry. Located in the alleyway behind Cromwell House, Plunket and the Hangout.

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Crop Swapping is all about sharing your surplus garden goodies with like-minded more here

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Cromwell Foodbank
Please place donations at Cromwell New World and Fresh Choice Supermarkets.
Community donations to Cromwell Welfare Trust can be placed in their account - 02 0920 0002340.  Please include your name for reference.


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