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3.CLASS (Central Lakes Trust Arts Support Scheme)

These grants are administered by the six Community Arts Councils in the Central Lakes Trust region to increase, at a local level, both participation in the arts and the range and diversity of arts available to the community. 

These grants are administered by the six Community Arts Councils in the Central Lakes Trust region to increase, at a local level, both participation in the arts and the range and diversity of arts available to the community. 

The maximum amount per project that can be funded through this Scheme is $2,000. If funding greater than $2,000 is required, then a formal application should be made to the Central Lakes Trust by way of the standard Central Lakes Trust grant application form. 

Conditions of CLASS 

For the purposes of the Central Lakes Trust Arts Support Scheme, "Arts" is defined as, "all forms of creative and interpretive expression". These include: 

● Language, Arts and Literature 

● Performing Arts 

● Visual Arts 

● Multi-disciplinary (projects which cross over two or more of the above categories) 1. Applicants must meet the Scheme's eligibility criteria 2. Grants are limited to a maximum of $2,000 per project 3. Applicants can only receive one grant in any 12-month period from Central Lakes Trust 

either through: Central Lakes Trust Arts Support Scheme, or directly from Central Lakes Trust itself 


Community Arts Council Contacts 

Alexandra Community Arts Council 

Shona Bain 

Central Otago REAP, 17A Brandon Street, Alexandra 9391 

Telephone: 03 448 6115 


Creative Queenstown 

Jan Maxwell 

Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag, Queenstown 9348 

Telephone: 03 441 0469 


Cromwell & Districts Community Arts Council 

Peter Mead 

82 Neplusultra Street, Cromwell 9310 

Telephone: 03 445 1266 


Heather McPherson 

320 Felton Road, Bannockburn RD 2, Cromwell 9384 

Telephone: 03 445 0477 

Roxburgh Community Arts Council 

Wyn Dryden 

16 Henderson Drive, Molyneux Estate, Alexandra 

Telephone: 03 448 8925 

or Anita Christie 

49 Scotland Street, Roxburgh 9500 

Telephone: 03 446 8130 


Upper Clutha Community Arts Council 

Robyn van Reenen 

P O Box 216, Wanaka 9343 

Telephone: 03 443 1810 




Will fund: Groups 


Criteria: The Trust will distribute money to any organisation whether it is incorporated or not, but the organisation must not be run for private profit. In general an organisation will be: 

* An incorporated society. 

* A registered charitable trust. 

* A limited liability company fully owned by one of the above and operating for charitable purposes. 

* An unincorporated body which although not formally constituted is controlled by an association of persons and produces annual accounts. These groups can apply for a donation up to $1,000. 

Note: It is important that the Trust is aware of the tax status of all the above types of organisations which apply for a donation. See details on the application form. 

Districts: Otago Region excluding Queenstown, Arrowtown and West-Otago. 

* Art and Culture including performances, events, societies and master classes. 

* Expenses funded: most costs/expenses eligible - see exclusions for more information 

Purposes not funded: * Endowments. 

* Political parties or lobby groups. 

* Projects which the Trustees consider to be the responsibility of local or central government. 

* Projects intended to repay debt. 

* Projects in retrospect. 

* Expenses not funded: Individuals 

* Commercial organisations 

* Sponsorships 

* Travel to conferences, seminars, reunions etc

* Mainstream salaries, rents or similar overhead costs

About the fund 

History of fund: The Trust was established under the Trustee Restructuring Act 1988. 

Fund Objectives: The objective of the Trust is to help organisations carrying on charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational work which is of benefit to the people of Otago. Each application is judged on its own merits and its potential value to the community. 

Funds available: $5,500,000.00 

Upper limit: No set upper limit. 

Funding last year: $3,415,020.00 

Grants last year: 233 

How to apply: The Otago Community Trust has established a set of guidelines for organisations seeking a donation. 

Applications should always be submitted on the Trust's application form. Additional information in support of the application may be attached. 

When to Apply: While applications will be accepted at any time, organisations may receive only one donation during the Trust's financial year which ends on 31 March. If you are unsuccessful with an application you may apply again during that year. 

Info required: Application form required with a detailed proposal, budget, other fundraising efforts, benefit to the group and wider community, audited accounts and annual report included. 

Decision process: It usually takes about 2-3 months to process large applications. Small donation applications take over three months. 

Decision makers: The Trustees of the Otago Community Trust 

Notified: In writing 

How payment is made: By cheque or direct credit, once conditions of the donation offer are met. 

Reports required: The Trust would like to know how your project went, and importantly how your project contributed to making your community a better place to live, work and play. The Trust will write to you 12 months after your donation was approved asking you to complete an Accountability Report. 

Donations Manager, Otago Community Trust 

Phone: 0800 10 12 40 Fax: (03) 477 1869 



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