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Council Submissions

District Planning Matters

Get involved in decisions about the place where you live. One way to get involved is to tell CODC what you think about development applications. Be thoughtful and constructive.  Council must consider your views and ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you are for or against the proposed application, being part of the submissions process is the important part.  Council can’t make informed decisions unless they hear from people and what they want for the town.

If an application is being publicly notified by CODC you find it here (External link) and most importantly when the closing date for submissions is.

You’ll also find all of the documents are here to help you make your decision.

Now people might think that submissions are big and onerous, but this can be quiet the contrary, if you can sum up your thoughts in an objective manner then it can be as simple as a one liner.

All submissions for or against do need to be in writing and the things you need to include in your submission are:

  • Your full name and address, telephone number and email address

  • Whether you support or oppose the application for resource consent

  • The reason for your submission

  • The decision you wish the Council to make, including any conditions sought

  • Whether you wish to be heard.

Remember that your submission becomes public information and will be available for anyone to view.  We personally think that it’s a good idea to speak to your submission as it’s often easier to convey your opinion in person rather than try to express it in writing – it also means that you have more time to gather your data and information to support your opinion.

Now remember that you have to put in a submission so that you can be kept up to date, if you don’t put in a submission then you won’t be able to provide your further thoughts on the subject.  We encourage you to get involved in the process! 


Where to send your submission.

Make sure you send your submission to council by the closing date for submissions. Post or email your submission to:

Central Otago District Council
PO Box 122
Alexandra 9340
New Zealand

Or email to: link)

Attention: Planning Department

If you need a hand and want to discuss things then please get in touch.

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